Asiatic Lily Care

asiatic lily flowering

Asiatic lily care is one of reasons the plant is one of the most popular lilies grown, one because it is one of the hardiest lilies of all those grown.

Their care is simple!

They can grow and do well in USDA zones 10 all the way to 3. Asiatic lilies are among the easiest of all lilies for those beginning to play with bulbs and the first lilies of the season to flower, and multiply fast.

Asiatics Egypt to China

Asiatics have a deep history. Their painted flowers have adorned the ancient Egyptian pyramids, Chinese paintings and found its way into the power circle of Louis XIV.

Wide Range of Colors

The color range of Asiatic lilies run from – pink, yellow, orange, white, red and color combos in between, except blue. Plants provide a long season of bloom, providing a very light scent on warm windless days.

Big Bulbs

The bulbs of the Asiatic lily are large in size – 5 to 6 inches across. Bulbs generally are white along with a tint of pink. The color of the bulb does not play a part in flower color. Lily bulbs when harvested often look pinkish after exposure to sunlight.

The large bulbs store a lot of food giving them plenty of flower power in the spring, even is sub-par soil, water and fertilizer.

This makes Asiatics the dream lily of a home gardener. Give them good, rich soil and water occasionally, little fertilizer and they do the rest.

Plant Asiatic lillies in sunshine, lots of sunshine, up to six hours worth of full sun, in a rich soil, covering with 3 to 4 inches of an airy of fluffy soil.

Keep the soil moist and do not allow the soil dry out completely. If the soil stays too wet, disease and root rot can take over.

In late May or June, in a wide color range, Asiatics produce an abundance of 3 to 12 blooms.

Give Asiatics a try, they are easy to grow, with lots of colors.

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