The Dilemma of Small Landscapes And Water?

This week cool weather made its first official visit. This morning on the way to the Farmer’s Market the temp outside was a cool 48 degrees.

September and October have always been 2 of my favorite months for growing. Warm days, but not hot, and cool nights make for slow steady solid plant growth.

About 6 weeks ago our we had few things done to the lawn – soil aeration, grass fertilizer was applied and new roots are eating the food, storing up food for the next season of growth, months away – spring.
Bathtub pond
Recently, a friend Rob who owns a townhouse wanted to add some kind of water feature to his back patio area. How much would it cost, and what were his options. I told him I would not recommend the bathtub look for him!

I told him to let me think on it for a bit an get back with him. Currently, he is in the idea stage, the actual landscape design plans will come down the road.

This got me thinking… probably many others have the same question.

After doing some research on the topic and thinking specifically about small yard landscaping projects I’ve done…

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