Rooting Cuttings In Sphagnum Moss

I root many choice cuttings in sphagnum moss, I really prefer to root them in plain water, because I like to be able to see what’s going on. Some, however, root better in moss, but I’ve found I can still keep track of their progress by putting them, moss and all, in small glasses.

sphagnum moss for rooting cuttings

To root cuttings this way, trim off the lower leaves as you would with any cutting. Then wrap the base of the cutting in a small amount of wet sphagnum moss, and push it almost to the bottom of a glass. The moss must be kept moist throughout the rooting period, so water it thoroughly whenever the top begins to dry.

If excess water collects in the space below the moss, simply pour it out. Keep the rooting cuttings in a warm, shaded place, away from drafts.

When roots can be seen through the glass, the cutting is ready to be potted. To remove it from the glass, run a dull knife around the inside to loosen the moss, and remove moss and cutting together. To avoid unnecessary shock, pot the cutting with the moss intact around it.

Contributed by K.B. Walker

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