Get Rid of Plant Bugs Be a Perfectionist When Spraying!

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Before applying any spray to a house plant bug or a plant outdoors it is important to know what pests you’re trying to control.

I always try to go the natural organic pesticide route of controlling plant bug and pests when possible.

However, the final step really takes place when you begin applying the proper controls liquids or powders so that they will do the most good.

Take this advice for the best results. First, it is very important to get a thorough even dispersal of any spray or dust over the plants (I stay away from dusting). Cover plant surfaces – using a garden pump sprayer – with liquids in fine droplets or with dust in an even film.

measuring equivalents for mixing chemicals for pest control

Wind Is Your Enemy!

You’ll lose efficiency when ever the wind blows. Lots of pest spend a large percentage of their time on the undersides of leaves.

If your spray application acts and hits plants in the same way as rainfall hits leaves, the undersides of the leaves may go untouched and unsprayed giving plant bugs a place to hang out and thrive.

For better coverage move the sprayer nozzle around the inside the plant, with the spray material shooting up and penetrating the "pests home" where it can cover the undersides of the plants leaves.

Make sure you protect yourself and wear the appropriate gloves and clothing and make sure you protect your eyes.

In the case of sprays, there are definite limits on how much spray material you can mix with water to make the spray solution. Follow the pesticide label.

But there is no limit on how much mixed spray you should put on the plants. Drench them!

Excess that drips to the ground can help control plant bugs in the plant neighborhood. If the plant pests are bad do not just spray the bug-infested plant do the hedge and shrubs nearby… the bugs may be hiding!

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