Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum Popular in the Spring and Year Round

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Summary: The Spathiphyllum commonly called the Peace Lily plant comes in many sizes, with lots of blooms and lots of green. This is your starting point for care and other information you will not find on the plant tags. Along with answers to questions the local garden center probably cannot answer. Let’s get started.

Peace Lily Care and Brown Tips

Have you ever experienced or wondered – Peace Lilies get brown tips – Why?

If there is one question we get daily it is about plants and brown tips and the peace lily is no different. When you are one of the best clean air plants, popular indoor houseplant and a hard worker there are many reasons why tips can turn brown.

Everything from over-watering, too much heat, too much fertilizer, or any combination of these factors and others.

Peace lilies can produce a pot full of green leaves and pest at times can hide out. Fortunately, we use an easy safe, all natural way to control pest – organic neem oil.

No Flowers On My Spathiphyllum!

Another question owners of Peace Lilies always ask us is – Why does my peace lily not flower?

They bought the plants with white flowers and got to enjoy them for months but now, the flowers are gone, the plant looks good, still is deep and green but will not flower again! What is wrong?

Green Flowers and Removing Old Flowers

The opposite end of the flowering spectrum is removing peace lily flowers.

Every flower reaches their end, begin to lose color and fade away. Some spathiphyllums blooms even begin to turn green after flowering… that’s sort of weird! From beautiful white flowers to green!

When should you remove the flowers? What care needs to be taken? We’ve discussed that topic to give you more insight on the plant and removing flowers… we talked about the green ones too!

Droopy Leaves Tell A Story

The Spathiphyllum can get droopy if it doesn’t get enough water and the soil drys out or if the peace lily sits in an area which warms up or gets flat out hot during the day.

There is more on this Droopy Spathiphyllum topic and a cool video as well.

The whole topic of growing a peace lily roots in water along with a beta fish was a popular item in the late 1990′s and people still enjoy them today. How well does it work?

These are a few of the topics on the peace lily we’ve covered with more to come. Start first reading Peace Lilies and brown tips.

Check back often as new articles on Spathiphyllum as ones are added and updated…

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Beach nut September 4, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Why are elk horn ferns often referred to as stag horn fern with the two names used interchangeably? Tho the foliage of both is only somewhat similar the growing requirements of each are distinctly diverse. The stag horn must be mounted to a board and or grown in a medium other than soil. The elk horn grows in the ground without “furry” antlers and no bark attachment plate. Please inform your readers. Thank you. Beach nut .

admin September 6, 2012 at 8:27 pm

That is always the problem with using common names… Botanical names are the best way to go, however, many people do not know the botanical names.

Staghorn = platycerium

Elk horn Fern = Polypodium grandiceps