Mesembryanthemum – Unusual House Plant To Grow

Lithops - Living stones in flower

Mesembryanthemum (Fig-marigold). The name means mid-day flower, and refers to the fact that many of the sorts do not open until the sun is high. A time-clock could be made of the various species because each blooms at a rather definite time of the day. These plants are very juicy and with the usual watering given to house plants, they soon die. Most sorts thrive on utter neglect. Botanists are not willing to call the majority of these plants by the name of Mesembryanthemum, but place the species in a dozen or more genera.

Those with large hair-like teeth on the leaves are known as tigers-claw, or Faucaria; those which are difficult to tell from the surrounding rocks are called living-rocks, stone-plants, Lithops and Pleiospilos; some have pustules which seem like crystals on the leaves such as in the common annual iceplant, Cryophytum; or perhaps only the appearance of being dew-sprinkled, known as Dewplants, Drosanthemum; or the unbelievable baby-toes, Fenestraria, which are a cluster of little cylinders with a membrane, like a window at the top. The majority bear flowers with numerous, hair-like petals and numerous stamens. Golden yellow is the predominant color but some are white, others have the most brilliant eye-offending crimsons, oranges, and roses known to the world of nature.

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