Low-Maintenance Gardening – No More Breaking Your Back

New landscaping feature that takes the work out of gardening and provides hours of enjoyment.

There’s no longer any need for a gardener to break their back and suffer chronic knee pain from the work of maintaining a garden. An Apopka man is now creating beautiful, blossoming gardens that require hardly any maintenance at all.

Matthew Urton, an expert on ecological water gardens, is selling them to gardeners who want relief from the drudgery of maintaining a garden. These water gardens provide owners with crystal-clear sparkling water (you can see all the way to the bottom), blossoming water lilies, colorful Japanese koi fish, and soothing, melodious waterfalls.

"People just love these water gardens," states Urton. "It’s like they have their own personal vacation spot right in the backyard or even the front yard if they want to be the envy of the neighborhood. People love to sit for sometimes hours watching the living, vibrant beauty they have to offer.

It is not unusual for a family to make the water garden the new family gathering place. It can quickly take the place of watching TV. The whole family gets to enjoy it. The parents get to relax and unwind after a grueling day at work. The kids get to watch the fascination of nature as it unfolds around them. Even the family dog can bark at the fish. These water gardens can even serve as mini wading pools, and can be the perfect cooling center on a hot, sweltering day. The enjoyment is endless."

These water gardens can be installed by Paradise Ponds’ professional pond and water garden division of Terray Enterprises, Inc., or the homeowner can purchase a kit and follow the 20-step installation instruction on video tape or DVD. A water garden can be installed in as little as a day and provide many years of relaxing enjoyment.

There’s also the added benefit that a water garden can dramatically increase the resale value of a home by as much as $10,000 or more. It like adding home equity and increasing curb appeal.

People who would love to own a "beautiful blossoming water garden" can reach Urton at (321) 377-4162 during regular business hours.

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