The Esoteric Beauty of Lady Slipper Orchids

The phalaenopsis orchid is very popular for their colorful blooms and uniquely-shaped petals. But there is another orchid species that can also turn heads just as phalenopsis blooms do – it’s the Lady Slipper Orchid.

Paphiopedilum (aka Lady’s Slipper, Lady’s-slipper, Ladyslipper)is a fan-shaped plant with flowers having a part in prominent slipper-shaped pouch form and two sepals that are either droopy or held horizontally.

There are approximately 60 Paphiopedilum species but the one shown here is the Paphiopedilum insigne.

This particular Paphiopedilum variety is a one-flowered plant with dark spots on the dorsal sepal and red hairs at the bases of the petals and sepals. 

The petals usually come in dark reddish brown color with a touch of orange.  In addition to the beautiful flower of this plant, it is also loved by many orchid enthusiasts for its handsome and compact foliage. 

At first look, each leaf has an upper green portion but a closer look will show its base having purple spots.

Paphiopedilum insigne flowers are long lasting (up to 2 months), an unusual characteristic for an orchid.  It is one of the few orchids that can adapt to typical home conditions.

Although this plant is slow to grow flower, it is revered by many orchid lovers around the world.

Lady Slipper TRIVIA:

The Lady’s Slipper is the official provincial flower of Prince Edward Island, a province of Canada.

The lady’s slipper is also known in the United States of America as the moccasin flower because of its resemblance to a shoe or moccasin.

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