Kimberly Queen & Emerald Queen Ferns

Nephrolepis obliterata also known as the Australian sword fern or Kimberly queen is one of the easier ferns to grow.

Originating from Australia, this is considered to be one of the most beautiful among all ferns. It has large fronds going up from the soil and beautiful upright bushy and sword-shaped leaves.

Kimberly Queen can tolerate the heat of the sun or indoor condition.

They are beautiful in pots or in hanging basket. Kimberly Queen ferns are best on patios during summer and spring.

A Kimberly Queen plant adds attraction when put on office place, indoors, or in many gardens.

Nephrolepis obliterata ‘Emerald Queen’

Nephrolepis obliterata 'Emerald Queen'

Nephrolepis obliterata ‘Emerald Queen’ is a tough but flexible Nephrolepis fern similar to ‘Kimberly Queen’.

Unlike some of the Nephrolepis ferns, Nephrolepis obliterata ‘Emerald Queen’ shows upright fronds with slight arch showing an overall softer appearance.

The plant’s apple green to green foliage gives it its bushy appearance.

Although second only in the fern production, Nephrolepis obliterata ‘Emerald Queen’ proves to be a great vertical accent plant because it wisely utilizes space wherever you put it.

It is also used in landscapes, as patio displays, an enjoying view when used in hanging basket, and a stunning container plant.

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admin November 22, 2008 at 7:12 am


Usually a good well drained soil mix like an African Violet mix is good. Read this article on Cactus and Succulents – Growing at Home.

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margaret June 22, 2010 at 10:02 pm

My Kimberly queen ferns have japanese beetles – what do I spray without killing my ferns and get rid of the beetles