JASMINE – Common name for Jasminum, a genus of tropical and subtropical deciduous or evergreen shrubs, sometimes climbing. Belonging to the Olive Family, they are widely distributed in warm countries, and can be grown outdoors in the warmer parts of the U. S. Some are often grown under glass for their showy fragrant flowers produced in winter. They grow well in good loamy soil and are propagated by cuttings and layers.

Principal Species

Jasminum officinal (Jessamine) is a long slender grower to 30 ft., with glossy compound foliage, and clusters of white fragrant flowers in summer. It is good on a wall, arbor or fence, and is hardy about as far North as Washington, D. C.

Jasminum nudiforum grows to 15 ft. and opens its yellow flowers in late winter or early spring, before the leaves appear. With protection it survives as far North as South New York.

Jasminum pritnitlinum is a rambling free-flowering grower, evergreen in mild regions, and hardy to Washington, D. C. In earlyspring it produces large pale yellow flowers (often semi-double) with a darker center.

Jasminum fruticans is half-evergreen, with weak stems to 12 ft. and yellow flowers.

Jasminum beesianum is dwarf, usually not over 3 ft., with pink or rose fragrant flowers.

Jasminum humile is an evergreen to 20 ft., with weak stems and clusters of yellow fragrant flowers. Hardy to Maryland, it is often grown in pots. .

Jasminum grandiflorum (Spanish Jessamine) is a bushy grower with slender branches and clusters of white fragrant flowers, tinged pink. It is much grown in Europe for perfumery, and is naturalized in Fla.

Jasminum azoricum is a tender evergreen climber with white flowers; good in the cool greenhouse.

Jasminum sambac (Arabian Jessamine) is a moderate climber, with fragrant white flowers, sometimes double, produced almost continually in the tropics.

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