How To Water, Start And What Conditions African Violet Needs?

Question: When an African violet leaf is rooted in water, should it be left there until plants form, or should it be transplanted to soil as soon as root growth commences? JW, Arkansas

Answer: It is best to transplant the leaf to loose, spongy soil as soon as it forms roots. Turn a drinking glass over it for a few days to help it become established in the soil. When new plants push through the soil and make enough growth to crowd, tap the soil from the pot, and with your fingers gently separate each young plant and pot individually.

Question: I have been fighting mealybugs on my sultanas and African violets with rubbing alcohol on a toothpick. This takes such a long time and doesn’t seem to get them all, so I am wondering- if I can use Volck spray. Would the oily base ruin the violets?

Answer: Volck or any other oil spray will likely ruin the violets. However, a regular spray program with a spray such as neem oil will keep the mealybugs under control.

Question: Would you suggest a good soil mixture for gloxinias?

Answer: Gloxinias thrive on a soil that is light, loose and fibrous, but rich. Here is a good mixture: one part each of good garden loam, clean, sharp sand, peat moss and compost. Reputable commercial mixtures of African violet soil sold in department and garden supply stores usually grow good gloxinias.

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