Forcing African Violet Bloom

blooming african violet care and secrets

If you have been caring for African violets and still have trouble getting your plants to bloom, try these suggestions sent by BG. Sutterfield:

“Move them to where they will get lots of light, and two or three hours of sunlight will not hurt them if it is not too strong, or is filtered through a curtain. Reflected sunlight is also good.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of a good all purpose plant food in one-half gallon of water – rain water when possible or use distilled.

Cut a piece of plastic or wax paper larger than the top of the flower pot; cut a hole in the center and slit from side to center.

Put the plastic over the pot, under the leaves and around the stem and hold in place to keep the soil from falling out.

Use a large bowl in which the water and plant food has been poured. Dip the leaves in the water, dousing it over them, washing the leaves and at the same time giving them a foliar feeding.

Set the plants in a shady spot to dry. Do this once a week for three or four weeks and you will be rewarded with not only blossoms, but the foliage will become more beautiful and young plants will blossom much earlier.”

Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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