Ficus alii Braid

The Ficus Alii is a new ornamental fig that is rapidly gaining popularity. This plant is more durable and easier to grow compared to other ficus species like the benjamina. In addition, it is much less finicky than among its kin. Ficus alii is an upright plant that depend its height to its form. Just like the other Ficus cultivars, this hybrid also shows the same ficus leaves dropping characteristic.

Ficus Alii come in many forms – bushes, braids, standards and spiraled trunks. The Ficus alii braid image that you can see here got its name from its braided trunks. Its long slender dark green leaves provides an oriental look. This appeal makes it an extremely attractive plant that is appealing both to the interior plantscape industry and to the home market. Moreover, it is believed to have the ability to purify the air.

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