Electric Lawn Mower – Going Green

Question: We need a new lawn mower and like the idea of getting an electric mower to reduce the noise factor and also to be more “green” in our lifestyle. Will electric models handle the abuse a lawn can dish out? Megan Birmingham, Alabama

Answer: Electric movers have been around for decades, however, those use to be connected by a long extension cord. The electric mower models of today can run on battery power! That is good mower insurance against using gas and saving energy!

The most popular “green mower” is called the battery-powered “Neuton”. Gone are the gas fumes, gas mixing on some lawn mowers, noise pollution, tune ups or vibration. Just a clean running, carbon emission free mower. A simple push of the button starts the Neuton and you are off
to mow for up to 1 hour on a single charge.

battery powered neuton electric lawn mower

No arm-yanking pull-starts since it is battery powered is perfect for the average home yard and lawns up to about 1/3 of an acre (15,000 sq feet). Additional batteries are availble if more time is needed for mowing, just drop it in and go.

The Neuton mower is the quietest rotary mower available and comes with everything needed to start mowing:

  • Rear grass collection bag
  • Side discharge chute
  • Mulching plug
  • 240 watt-hour battery
  • Battery charger
  • Safety key

The Neuton mower is also unusual in the attachments and accessories available.

The optional Trimmer/Edger attachment eliminates the need for a second piece of equipment like a weed eater and gives your yard and walkways a beautiful, clean finish.

Power Measures

When researching the buying side of a battery powered mower, don’t be fooled by power claims. Higher voltage does not make the electric mower better. The true measure of the power and capacity of a battery is watt-hours — this boil down to the amount of power the battery can deliver over time. Calculate watt-hours by multiplying a battery’s volts by its amp hour rating.

There are other electric models in the mower market like Black and Decker, Remington and Homelite. Prices run between $300-$500 for models built for homeowner use.

Going electric would sure change the sound on weekends when the gas powered mowers busily chop down the gas. I guess we will just have to get use to a hummm.

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