Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum – Going Droopy

Spathiphyllum Allison TM

Spathiphyllum the genus name means, literally, “leaf spathe”, with spathe defined as “A large bract or pair of bracts sheathing a flower cluster, as a spadix.”

You’re likely to know it as “Peace Lily”. Its’ widespread interior use is due to its exceptional acclimation to low light conditions and air cleaning qualities.

A fascinating plant that has somehow managed to circle the world long before man discovered its beauty.

Wherever it is found, it thrives despite pests, in the deep shade of the humid tropical rainforest understory.

There are many cultivars in production today, and can be generally classified into large, medium, and small varieties.

The Peace Lily is very different from many plants used today indoors.

Overwatering is one reason many people do not have success with plants indoors. Although it’s best to not have your Peace lily dry out, they can be very helpful in teaching us how much time can go by between waterings.

Spathiphyllums can be Thirsty Plants. They let you know quickly when they are thirsty by a noticeably droop in the foliage while creating a tropical look and removing toxins in a room.

Time and time again we see the peace lily wilt when it does not get enough water. They’ll bounce back quickly once watered, that is probably why these house plants are one of the best to use indoors and come in many different varieties and sizes.

One thing to keep in mind…. during the summer months IF your Spathiphyllum sits in a bright or warm area you may notice a “droop” in the foliage late in the day even if the plant is moist.

Check out this video and watch the Peace Lily unwilt!

The plant may not really need water…. make sure you don’t over water the plant. If the heat is too much and the leaves “droop” every day you may begin to see some brown tips or edges.

Move the plant to a more protected area or cooler space if possible. In the nursery because for the heat… it isn’t unusual to see Spathiphyllum droop late in the day.

Next time you’re ready to pour water on your Spathiphyllum, WAIT – let’em droop (just a little).

In the late 90′s one craze was the Beta fish – A Peace Lily with a fish in a bowl!

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Susan Abbott June 24, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Could you tell me why the peace lily we have donated to our library is showing green on the white spathes? The green is radiating from the center of the white spathe to the sides of the spathes.
The plant also was newly droopy at around 5:00PM yesterday after doing just fine for about 4 weeks. The green color was seen for the first time yesterday too. We do keep the soil in the urn moist.
Any help you could offer would be appreciated!
Thank you,

Debbie July 14, 2010 at 12:21 pm

I got a peace lilly from my moms funeral in late May. It has lost all the flowers and the leaves are dieing, I have split it in to two plants, in bigger pots. what else can I do to save this plant

Mary Ellen Moul July 18, 2010 at 5:45 pm

I have a peace Lily and have done everthing I can think of to keep it alive and seem to be failing badly. The leaves turn black, but there seems to be smaller new leaves coming. I replanted it into a large pot because it was so large, but it is now small and I am thinking of replanting it again. It has been quite awhile since i put it in the big pot. What would you suggest? It is in a cool room, but by the window. Should I move it?
Thank you,
Mary Ellen Moul

Cheryl Gerber August 4, 2010 at 7:54 am

I received a peace lily for my mother’s funeral in March and the leaves are all still nice and green, no brown on the tips, but from the very center the leaves are all drooping and falling outward, they do not stand up. There is a big empty space in the center. What do I need to do with it?