Landscaping Ideas – 5 Features To Improve Any Backyard Design

pool landscaping with a spa

The start of any landscape project begins with a variety of landscaping ideas and often confusion on where to begin the landscape plan.

  • Which landscape idea when used in the design will fill the needs best?
  • What adds the most value to the home?
  • What can be added to an existing landscape to improve it?
  • Does landscaping improve a home’s property value?

Well according to a study cited in Smart Money magazine consumers value a landscaped home up to 11.3% higher than its base price. Think of landscaping as an investment!

With every landscape I’ve been involved in five ideas, elements or design features always make the biggest impact.

It does not matter if your home is in the midwest or South Florida. The landscape design could be a southwest desert landscape or a tropical design.

Any of these Ideas can make your landscape unique or make the backyard more usable and a better home and garden.

#1 – Adding A Pool

The addition of a pool can increase the value of a home significantly. The swimming pool lost a little bit of its appeal in the 1990’s but it is growing as a selling and buying feature in many real estate deals today.

The pool adds one appeal but with the addition of landscaping around the pool area the use for both the family and entertainment value also goes up.

Pool landscaping may include adding plants around the pool area and incorporate some pool plants such as palms for a more tropical feel in the pool/patio area.

The landscaping can also expand to provide screening from the neighbors and help provide privacy and reduce noise levels.

#2 –Landscaping Ideas and The Patio

Often times the swimming pool also includes a relaxing patio area for the adults to watch the kids.

But… not all patios get the pool treatment. For many the patio, deck or terrace area extends the living area of a home into the backyard.

The patio offers a wonderful place to make your backyard a unique sanctuary.

Equipped with a propane barbeque (and the propane tanks hidden of course by landscaping) the patio can become a great place to spend the afternoon and evenings relaxing outside with a cool drink or entertaining friends and cooking out.

The landscaping of a patio can be as simple as container plants placed to add color or break up the lines of a small brick wall separating the patio from the rest of the backyard, to vines climbing up a trellis and a pond with a waterfall.

The patio possibilities are endless with the vast array of patio furniture, barbeques and landscape options!

Low Cost Landscaping Ideas Impact!

Adding a pool or patio deck area can cost a considerable amount of money but other lower cost landscape options can create impact in a front yard or backyard.

#3 – Landscape Lights

solar lights are efficient and easy to install

One of the easiest ways to create dramatic effects in a landscape is with the addition of low voltage landscape lighting.

These outdoor lighting fixtures are sometimes called "malibu lighting."

Since they are low voltage and many models today are solar powered lights the energy needs are minimal but their easy installation and simple use can deliver maximum effect.

Landscape lights can light a path or walkway to the entrance or exit of a deck or patio area providing light to stairs and steps.

The soft light can create a soothing atmosphere or placed to accent tree silhouettes by uplighting giving lots of value for the money spent. Adding lights to an existing landscape can breathe new life into revive a tired look.

#4 – Landscaping Rocks

So often we think of plants, trees, shrubs, grass and a waterfall as the main or only items in a landscape.

However, using rocks in the landscape can make for some very unique looks and create lots of interest.

Rocks used in a landscape cover a variety of forms and functions, everything from large boulders or cap rocks or smaller rock used beds instead of mulch.

Rocks can also be a choice instead of concrete edging or curbs and as a substitute for stepping stones. Rocks add a natural look to a landscape plan but with each one unique in their own weight, shape and coloration.

#5 – Landscape Speakers

Everywhere you look people are listening to their iPod. Audio has become such a part of our everyday life why should the landscape be any different?

Welcome the addition of sound in the landscape! One interesting aspect of landscape speakers is they tie in well with all the above landscape elements.

You can find speakers which look like rock blending into the landscape.

Imagine having that pool party for the kids with the current hits playing away and then a few hours later enjoying new sounds when you fire up the grill on the patio.

Finally, while walking around the border of the back yard as the sun goes down, the lights come on automatically and you enjoy the music coming from all corners of the landscape. There’s an idea for a perfectly tuned landscape.

To make your landscaping ideas one of a kind – look for one idea you can add to make it all your own and then enjoy!

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