A Fine-Flowering and Fruit Tree Quick Reference Guide

There are so many different types of tress that have wonderfully colorful blossoms and fruit that it may seem impossible to choose the right one for your garden. Here is a quick reference guide to some of the most popular varieties.

extoic fruit from the trees in your backyard landscape

Type Flower and Fruit Other Facts Height
ASH European Mountain White flower; clustered orange berries summer
and fall.
Erect; deep green foliage; grows in most soils. 25 ft.
CATALPA Western Showy white flower. Hardy; rapid growing; stands heat, drought. 65 ft.
CRABAPPLE – Altney Flowering Crab Crimson bloom with white; maroon fruit lasts
all winter.
Erect tree; sturdy; blooms earliest of the crabs. 12 ft.
Bechtel’s Flowering Crab Large, fragrant, light-pink flower; purple fruit. Pyramidal shape; ideal for small lawns. 15 ft.
Hopa Flowering Crab Fragrant, deep-rose bloom; tiny red apples. Erect; purple foliage. 15 ft.
Japanese Flowering Crab Rose-pink blossom; orange fruit in fall. Very attractive in bloom. 20 ft.
Purple-Leaf Flowering Crab Wine-red flower; deep red fruit lasts all winter;
good jelly.
Bronze foliage turns bright red in fall. 12 ft.
Red Flowering Crab Single carmine buds; white blossom turns pink;
small, blood-red fruit.
Round top; withstands severe winters, droughts. 18 ft.
White Flowering Crab White lasting flowers; red-skin fruit; good
Erect; successful in North; hardy, disease-free. 20 ft.
CHERRY Black White flower; large, purplish, juicy cherry. Massive tree; attains great age. 100 ft.
Nanking White blossom; light red fruit. Bushy. 10 ft.
Oriental Bright rose-pink flower. Erect. 25 ft.
DOGWOOD Chinese White flower. Heavy foliage. 25 ft.
Red Red flower. Heavy foliage; year-round beauty. 20 ft.
White Open white flower; clusters of red berries. Red leaves in fall; pyramidal spreading shape. 20 ft.
GOLDEN CHAIN Long clusters yellow berries, 18 in. long; 6
or 8 on single twigs.
Erect; bright clover-like leaves. 30 ft.
HAWTHORN Dense clusters of creamy white flowers; scarlet
berry clusters until winter.
Glossy broad leaves are red-orange in fall. 20 ft.
HORSECHESTNUT – Red Pink to red flowers. Beautiful tree. 60 ft.
JUDAS TREE – Redbud Dense rosy-lavender flowers. Heart-shaped, dark green foliage; in North,
plant in sheltered place.
25 ft.
LINDEN Waxy, creamy white flowers. Rapid grower.
LOCUST – Thorn less, Honey or White White pea blossoms. Erect; picturesque. 30 ft.
MAGNOLIA – M. Soulangeana Early spring flowers; 6 in. blooms, white inside
& rosy-violet outside.
Upright, round; deep green waxy foliage; very
14 ft.
Star White flower; small fruit. Early blooming; spreading. 14 ft.
PEACH – Red-Leaf Deep rose flower; small red peaches. Bright red foliage in spring; deep maroon in
20 ft.
PLUM – Beach White flower; purple fruit, good jelly. Withstands strong winds; grows at beach in sandy
8 ft.
PURPLE FRINGE – Smoke Tree Hair like flowers cover whole surface; looks
like cloud of smoke.
Spreading; needs space, sunshine; shiny green
12 ft.
SILVERBELL Dainty, open white flower; 4 – winged dry fruit. 30 ft.

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