Tropical Landscaping Design – Create Your Own Getaway

If you wish that you lived in a paradise like Florida or Hawaii, then maybe you can design your landscape to look like your own tropical getaway.

All you need to do this is a little creativity and some time, although for some, hiring someone to do the landscape design is worth it. A beautiful tropical landscape will impress all your friends and neighbors and leave them green with envy.

Plants Make All The Difference

When you are planning a tropical backyard, you will want to include a lot of plants. Lots of greenery and wild colors will enhance your tropical illusion.

There are plenty of plants and flowers that will grow in any weather conditions. If you are not sure what to use and what plants and flowers are best, then ask someone at your home and garden center and don’t forget the landscape lighting!

Add A Water Feature

What is a better way to feel like you are in a tropical getaway then having a beautiful water feature in your backyard.

You can design something small or if you have the space go for the gold and design something magnificent. Make sure that you have enough space and do not make it look gaudy or overbearing.

You can add rocks and stones around your yard along with the plants and flowers. This will add to the tropical feel and bring a more natural look to your landscape.

Ponds And Fish

One great way to bring a tropical feel to your backyard is adding a pond. Even if you do not have a large area, you can make a great looking small pond just the same.

To add to the whole tropical theme, add a small backyard pond, some tropical fish and plants. This will create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.


Another important factor in designing a tropical landscape is the furniture that you choose.

There are plenty of stores that offer great wicker and tropical themed furniture.

You will be sure to find some small backyard landscaping ideas that match your theme with the same style and also add comfort to your backyard.

ideas for small backyards

Accessories – The Final Touch

Picking the perfect tropical accessories will accent any tropical paradise just right. You will want to choose items that compliment you look and also add a calm peaceful look to your design.

Candles and lights are great choices. Citrus and fruit scents are a great choice for this design. String lights across the patio and lie back and enjoy your own personal paradise.

Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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